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Blood replenishing Chinese herbal medicines are sweet in taste and warm and moist in nature, with their meridian affinity for the heart, spleen, liver and kidneys. They can invigorate the liver, nourish the heart, and benefit the spleen to promote the production of the blood for blood deficiency. Shu di huang (Prepared rehmannia,) he shou wu (fleeceflower root,) bai shao (white peony root,) E jiao (ass-hide glue,) and dang gui (angelica root) are the common Chinese traditional medicines for nourishing the blood. Si wu tang (decoction of four ingredients,) dang gui bu xue tang, ba zheng tang, gui pi tang, zhi gan cao tang, and shao yao gan cao tang are common Chinese prescriptions.

Blood deficiency is characterized by insufficiency of blood to nourish organs, tissues and meridians, usually resulting from profuse bleeding or chronic hemorrhage, or impaired blood production due to diminished function of the internal organs, especially the spleen. Blood deficiency syndrome is marked by pale or sallow complexion, excessive leukorrhea, pale lips or whitish nails, dizziness, palpitation, delayed and scanty menstruation.

Chinese medicine practitioners differentiate and identify various blood deficiency syndromes such as blood-deficiency amenorrhea, blood-deficiency colds, blood-deficiency dizziness (vertigo), blood-deficiency fever, blood-deficiency habitual abortion, blood-deficiency headache, blood-deficiency infertility, blood-deficiency lumbago, blood-deficiency twitching or tremor, etc. If you are suffering from persistent anemia, profuse bleeding, menstrual irregularities, you need to be advised by Chinese medicine practitioner for indicating prescriptions. 

补血膏 Blood Tonic Syrup

blood tonic

 for pattern of dual deficiency of qi and blood, manifested as dizziness, vertigo, palpitation and insomnia, poor appetite; leukopenia and anemia with pattern mentioned above; menstrual irregularities manifested as advanced menstruation, scanty or heavy menstruation, prolonged menstruation, dysmenorrhea, lack of strength for limbs.

Product label: Blood Tonic Syrup / Blood Nutrient Syrup
Packing: 6.1 fl oz (180 ml) / bottle
Product of China

八珍益母丸 (Restorex Plus Extract)

 For menstrual irregularities caused by dual deficiency of qi and blood with blood stasis, manifested as delayed menstruation, scanty menstruation, dribbling after urination, listlessness of essence-spirit, and lack of strength in the four limbs. Read more......

阿胶补血低糖颗粒 (Herbal Tonic Beverage)

 for persons with long-term illness and weak constitution, pale or sallow complexion, pale lips or nails, blurred vision caused by dual deficiency qi and blood, cough caused by consumptive disease. Read more......

四物汤丸 (the Four Herbs Extract)

  For blood deficiency pattern manifested as swallow complexion, dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath and menstrual irregularities due to asthenia of the liver and kidney. Read more......

当归补血丸 (Tang Kwei & Astragalus Extract)

  For deficiency of qi and blood, fever and headache due to deficiency of blood before menstruation and after delivery, fever and red face due to unhealing ulcer of the skin. Read more......

复方当归片 (Compound Chinese Angelica Tablet)

 for syndrome of qi and blood deficiency, manifested as  menstrual irregularities, poor memory, disturbed sleep, fatigue, dry skin, hair and nails, probably constipation. Read more......

八珍丸 (Restorex Tea Pill)

for pattern of dual deficiency of qi and blood, manifested as sallow complexion, poor appetite, lack of strength of the limbs, and heavy menstruation. Read more......

归脾丸 (Angelicae Longona Extract)

gui pi wan

for dual deficiency of heart and spleen pattern, manifested as shortness of breath and palpitation, insomnia and dream-disturbed sleep, dizziness, poor appetite, flooding, and spotting and blood in the stool. Read more......

芍药甘草丸 (Peony & Licorice Extract)

shao yao gan cao tang

Enrich the blood and reserve yin, and soften the liver for colic pain in the upper abdomen due to disharmony between the spleen and the liver, and spasms in the limbs due to blood deficiency. Read more......

炙甘草汤 (Licorice Combo Decoction)

for the syndrome of yin-blood deficiency of meridians and deficiency of yang-qi and blood, manifested as palpitation, arrhythmia, intermittent pulse, lassitude, shortness of breath, chronic cough, blood sputum, pulmonary fistula. Read more......

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