Prescriptions (Formulas) of Chinese Medicine

Classifications of Chinese Herbal Formulas

In his Herbal Formulas, Dr. Geng Junying classified Chinese formulas into 17 groups, under which over one hundred representative and well-known formulas are introduced, explained in details. They are commonly used today.

I. Formulas to Release The Exterior

麻黄汤 Mahuang Tang - Decoction of Ephedra Combination; 桂枝汤 Guizhi Tang -- Decoction of Cinnamon Twigs Combination; 九味羌活汤 Jiuwei Qianghuo Tang -- Decoction of Nine Ingredients with Notopterygium Root; 小清龙汤 Xiao Qinglong Tang -- Decoction of Minor Blue Dagon Combination; 加味香苏散 Jiawei Xiangsu San -- Powder of Two Effective Ingredients with Cyperus Peel and Perilla Leaf; 香薷散 Xiangru San -- Decoction of Elsholtzia Combination; 新加香薷饮 Xinjia Xiangru Yin -- Decoction of Elsholtzia With Some New Herbs Added; 桑菊饮 Sang Ju Yin -- Decoction of Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum Combination; 银翘散 Yin Qiao San -- Powder of Lonicera Flower and Forshythia Combination; 麻杏石甘汤 Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang -- Decoction of Ephedra, Apricot seed, Gypsum and Licorice Combination; 败毒散 Baidu San -- Powder to Rlease Toxins; 加减藏蕤汤 Jiajian Weirui Tang -- Decoction of Polygonatum Combination

II. Purgative Formulas

大承气汤 Da Chengqi Tang -- Drastic Purgative Decoction; 大黄牡丹皮汤 Dahuang Mudanpi Tang -- Decoction of Rhubarb and Moutan Bark Combination; 温脾汤 Wenpi Tang -- Decoction to Warm the Spleen; 麻子仁丸 Maziren Wan -- Pills of Cannabis Seed Combination; 十枣汤 Shizao Tang -- Decoction of Ten Jujube Combination

III. Mediation Formulas

小柴胡汤 Xiao Chaihu Tang -- Decoction of Little  Bupleurum Combination; 大柴胡汤 Da Chaihu Tang -- Decoction of Rhubarb and Bupleurum Combination; 蒿芩清胆汤 Hao Qin Qingdan Tang -- Febrifugal Decoction of Sweet Wormwood and Scutellaria Combination; 截疟七宝饮 Jienue Qibao Yin -- Decoction of Seven Precious Ingredients to Treat Malaria; 四逆散 Sini San -- Four Herbs Powder to Relieve Cold Limbs; 逍遥散 Xiao Yao San -- The Ease Powder; 半夏泻心汤 Banxia Xiexin Tang -- Decoction of Pinellia Tuber Combination to clear Heat in the Heart

IV. Formulas for Clearing Heat

白虎汤 Baihu Tang -- Decoction of White Tiger Gypsum Combination; 竹叶石膏汤 Zhuye Shigao Tang -- Decoction of Bamboo Leaf and Gypsum Combination 清营汤 Qingying Tang -- Decoction to Dispel Pathogenic Heat From Yin System; 犀角地黄汤 Xijiao Dihuang Tang -- Decoction of Rhinoceros Horn and Rehmannia Combination; 黄连解毒汤 Huanglian Jiedu Tang -- Decoction of Coptis Combination to Release Toxins; 普济消毒饮 Puji Xiaodu Yin -- Universal Anti-Toxin Decoction; 仙方活命饮 Xianfang Huoming Yin -- Decoction of Fairy Formula for Life; 五味消毒饮 Wuwei Xiaodu Yin -- The Releasing Toxins Decoction of Five Ingredients; 四妙勇安汤 Simao Yongan Tang -- Decoction With Four Excellent Ingredients For Carbuncle; 犀黄丸 Xihuang Wan -- Pills of Bos Calculus; 导赤散 Daochi San -- Powder of Fresh Rehmannia And Clematis Stem To Conduct The Fire Downward; 龙胆泻肝汤 Long Dan Xiegan Tang -- Decoction of Chinese Gentiana Combination to Purge Liver Fire; 左金丸 Zuojin Wan -- Pills of Coptis And Evodia Fruit; 泻青丸 Xieqing Wan -- Balls To Purge The Green (Liver); 清胃散 Qingwei San -- Powder To Clear Heat in The Stomach; 玉女煎 Yunu Jian -- The Fair Maiden Decoction of Rehmannia And Gypsum Combination; 苇茎汤 Weijing Tang -- Decoction of Phragmites Stem Combination; 泻白散 Xiebai San -- Powder to Purge the White (Lungs); 葛根黄芩黄连汤 Gegen Huangqin Huanglian Tang -- Decoction of Pueraria, Scutellaria and Coptis Combination; 芍药汤 Shaoyao Tang -- Decoction of Peony Combination; 白头翁汤 Baitouweng Tang -- Decoction of Chinese Pulsatilla Root Combinaton; 六一散 Liuyi San -- Powder of Ingredients Six-to-One in Ratio; 清暑益气汤 Qingshu Yiqi Tang -- Decoction to Clear Summer-Heat And Promote Qi; 青蒿鳖甲汤 Qinghao Biejia Tang -- Decoction of Sweet Wormwood And Tortoise Shell; 清骨散 Qinggu San -- Powder To Clear Heat in The Bones; 当归六黄汤 Danggui Liuhuang Tang -- Decoction of Chinese Angelica And Six Yellow Ingredients

V. Formulas to Dispel Cold

理中丸 Lizhong Wang -- Pills to Regulate the Middle Jiao (Spleen and Stomach); 吴茱萸汤 Wuzhuyu Tang -- Decoction of Evodia Fruit Combination; 小建中汤 Xiao Jianzhong Tang -- Minor Decoction to Restore the Normal Function of the Middle Jiao; 四逆汤 Sini Tang -- Decoction to Treat Cold Limbs; 参附汤 Shen Fu Tang -- Decoction of Ginseng and Aconite; 真武汤 Zhenwu Tang -- Decoction of Aconite, White Atractytodes and Poria Combination; 当归四逆汤 Danggui Sini Tang -- Decoction of Chinese Angelica Combination to Treat Cold Limbs; 阳和汤 Yanghe Tang --Decoction of Prepared Rehmannia, Cinnamon Bark and Ephedra combination

VI. Tonic Formulas

四君子汤 Sijunzi Tang -- The four Noble Ingredients Decoction; 补中益气汤 Buzhong Yiqi Tang -- Decoction to Reinforce the Middle Jao and Tonify Qi; 生脉散 Shengmai San -- Powder to Activate Vitality; 四物汤 Siwu Tang -- The four Ingredients Decoction; 当归补血汤 Danggui Buxue Tang -- Decoction with Chinese Angelica Combination to Tonify Blood; 归脾汤 Guipi Tang -- Decoction to Strengthen the Spleen and Heart; 八珍汤 Bazhen Tang -- Decoction of Eight Treasure Ingredients; 炙甘草汤 Zhigancao Tang -- Decoction of Baked licorice Combintion; 六味地黄丸 Liuwei Dihuang Wan -- Pills of Six Ingredients with Rehmannia Combination; 一贯煎 Yiguan Jian -- Decoction to Replenish Yin of the liver and Kidneys; 肾气丸 Shenqi Wan -- Pills for Tonifying Qi of the Kidneys

VII. Astringent Formulas

 牡蛎散 Muli San -- Powder of Oyster Shell combination; 玉屏风散 Yupingfeng San -- The Jade Screen Powder; 金锁固精丸 Jinsuo Gujing Wan -- Pills to Fix Sperm; 四神丸 Sishen Wan -- Pills of Four Miraculous Ingredients; 固冲汤 Guchong Tang -- Decoction to Consolidate the Chong Channel; 完带汤 Wandai Tang -- Decoction to Treat Leukorrhagia; 易黄汤 Yihuang Tang -- Decoction to Treat Yellow Leukorrhagia

VIII. Formulas For Tranquilizing The Mind

朱砂安神丸 Shusha Anshen Wan -- Pills to soothe the mind with cinnabar combination;  酸枣仁汤 Suanzaoren Tang -- Decoction of Wild Jujube Seed Combination; 天王补心丹 Tianwang Buxin Dan -- The Heavenly King's Tonic Pills

IX. Formulas to Promote Resuscitation

安宫牛黄丸 Angong Niuhuang Wan -- Ox Gallstone Resurrection Pills; 至宝丹 Zhibao Dan -- The Most Precious Pellets; 紫雪丹 Zixue Dan -- Purple Snowy Powder; 苏合香丸 Suhexiang Wan -- Styrax Pills

X. Qi Formulas

越鞠丸 Yue Ju Wan -- Pills to Remove Stagnation; 良附丸 Liang Fu Wan -- Pills of Galanga And Cyperus Tuber; 金铃子散 Jinlinzi San -- Powder of Sichuan Chinaberry Combination; 半夏厚朴汤 Banxia Houpo Tang -- Decoction of Pinellia Tuber and Magnolia Bark Combination; 瓜蒌薤白白酒汤 Gualou xiebaiBaijiu Tang -- Decoction of Trichosanthes, Macrostem Onion and White Wine Combination; 天台乌药散 Tiantai Wuyao San -- Powder of Lindera Root From Tiantai; 橘核丸 Juhe Wan -- Pills of Tangerine Seed combination; 苏子降气汤 Suzi Jiangqi Tang -- Decoction of Perilla Seed combination to Descend Qi; 葶苈大枣泻肺汤 Tingli Dazao xiefei Tang -- Decoction to Pure the Lungs with Lepidium Seed and Jujube; 定喘汤 Dingchuan Tang -- Decoction to Relieve Asthma; 旋复代赭汤 Xuanfu Daizhe Tang -- Decoction of Inula Flower and Hematite Combination; 橘皮竹茹汤 Jupi Zhuru Tang -- Decoction of Citrus Peel and Bamboo Shavings Combination

XI. Blood Formulas

桃核承气汤 TaoRen Chengqi Tang -- Decoction of Peach Seed Combination; 血府逐淤汤 Xuefu Zhuyu Tang -- Decoction to Remove Blood Stagnation in the Chest; 复元活血汤 Fuyuan Houxue Tang -- Decoction to Invigorate Blood Circulation for Recovery; 七厘散 Qili San -- Powder to Treat Swelling; 补阳还五汤 Buyang Huanwu Tang -- Decoction to Tonify Yang and Restore Normal Function of the Five Viscera; 温经汤 Wenjing Tang -- Decoction t Warm Collaterals; 生化汤 Shenghua Tang -- Decoction to Promote Production of Blood and Remove Stagnation of Blood; 四生丸 Sisheng Wan -- Pills of Four Fresh Ingredients; 咳血方 Kexue Fang -- Formula to Relieve Spitting Blood; 槐花散 Huaihua San -- Powder of Sophora Flower Combination; 小蓟饮子 Xiaoji Yinzi -- Decoction of Small Thistle Combination; 黄土汤 Huangtu Tang -- Decoction of Ignited Yellow Earth Combination; 胶艾汤 Jiao Ai Tang --Decoction of Donkey-Hide Gelatin and Chinese Mugwort Leaf Combination

XII. Formulas for Treating wind

消风散 Xiaofeng San -- Powder to Dispel Wind; 川芎茶调散 Chuanxiong Cha Tiao San -- Powder of Ligusticum Combination With Tea; 镇肝熄风汤 Zhengan Xifeng Tang -- Decoction to Subdue Endogenous Wind in The Liver

XIII. Formulas for Treating Dryness

杏苏散 Xing Su San -- Powder of Apricot Seed And Perilla Leaf Combination; 清燥救肺汤 Qingzao Jiufei Tang -- Decoction to Eliminate Dryness in the Lungs; 养阴清肺汤 Yangyin Qingfei Tang -- Decoction to Nourish Yin and Clear Heat in The Lungs; 抗白喉合剂 Kang Baihou Heji -- Decoction to Treat Diphtheria; 麦门冬汤 Maimendong Tang -- Decoction of Ophiopogon Root Combination; 增液汤 Zengye Tang -- Decoction to Increase Body Fluids

XIV. Formulas For Dispelling Dampness

藿香正气散 Huoxiang Zhengqi San -- Powder of Agastache Combination to Regulate Qi; 平胃散 Pingwei San -- Powder to Neutralize The Stomach; 茵陈蒿汤 Yinchenhao Tang -- Decoction of Capillaris Combination; 甘露消毒丹 Ganlu Xiaodu Dan -- Dew-Like Pills to Release Toxins; 八正散 Bazheng San -- Powder of Eight Ingredients to Clear Heat and Dampness; 二妙散 Ermiao San -- Powder of Two Effective Ingredients; 五苓散 Wuling San -- Powder of Five Ingredients With Poria; 防己黄芪汤 Fangji Huangqi Tang -- Decoction of Tetrandra Root and Astragalus Combination; 苓桂术甘汤 Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang -- Decoction of Poria, Cinnamon Twigs, White Atractylodes and Licorice; 羌活胜湿汤 Qianghuo Shengshi Tang -- Decoction of Notopterygium Root Combination to Eliminate Dampness; 独活寄生汤 Duhuo Jisheng Tang -- Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root And Mulberry Mistletoe Combination

XV. Formulas to Expel Phlegm

二陈汤 Erchen Tang -- Decoction of Two Old Ingredients, Citrus Pell and Pinellia Tuber Combination; 清气化痰丸 Qingqi Huatan Wan -- Pills to Clear Qi and Resolve Phlegm; 小陷胸汤 Xiao Xianxiong Tang -- Minor Decoction Sinking Into the Chest; 贝母瓜蒌散 Beimu Gualou San -- Powder of Fritillary Bulb and Trichosanthes Combination; 苓甘五味姜辛汤 Ling Gan Wuwei Jiang Xin Tang -- Decoction of Poria, Licorice, Schisandra Fruit, Dried Ginger and Asarum; 止嗽散 Zhisou San -- Powder to Stop Cough; 半夏白术天麻汤 Banxia Baizhu Tianma Tang -- Decoction of Pinellia Tuber, White Atractylodes and Gastrodia Tuber

XVI. Digestive Formulas

保和丸 Baohe Wan -- Pills to Keep The Function of The Stomach in Good Condition; 健脾丸 Jianpi Wan -- Pills to Strengthen the Spleen; 枳朮丸 Zhi Zhu Wan -- Pills of Immature Biter Orange and White Atractylodes; 木香槟榔丸 Muxiang Binglang Wan -- Pills of Costus Root and Areca Seed Combination

XVII. Formulas For Dispelling Parasitic Worms

乌梅丸 Wumei Wan -- Pills of Black Plum Combination; 驱绦汤 Qutao Tang -- Tapeworm-Expelling Decoction

Chinese Prescriptions and Classification

Science of Prescriptions compiled by Dr. Fan Qianoling specifically discusses the source, ingredients, directions, actions, indications, clinical applications, elucidation, cautions of 152 typical prescriptions commonly used in clinical practice under 16 categories. It can be adopted as rudimentary course for the beginners learning traditional Chinese medicine, provide reference for the physicians as well in their selection of prescriptions and drugs in practice.

1 解表剂 Prescriptions for Relieving Exterior Syndromes

1.1 辛温解表剂 Prescriptions Pungent in Flavor and Warm in Property for Relieving Exterior Syndromes

麻黄汤 Mahuang Tang (Ephedra Decoction); 桂枝汤 Guizhi Tang (Decoction of Cassia Twig); 香薷散 Xiangru San (Powder of Elsholtziae); 杏苏散 Xingsu San (Powder of Almond and Perilla); 九味羌活汤 Jiuwei Qianghuo Tang (Decoction of Nine Ingredients Containing Notopterygium); 小清龙汤 Xiao Qinglong Tang (Small Blue Dragon Decoction); 止嗽散 Zhisou San (Powder for Relieving Cough); 败毒散 Baidu San (Antiphlogistic Powder)

1.2 辛凉解表剂 Prescriptions Pungent in Flavor and Cool in Property for Relieving Exterior Syndrome

桑菊饮 Sangju Yin (Decoction of Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum); 银翘散 Yinqiao San (Powder of Lonicera and Forsythis); 桑杏汤 Sangxing Tang (Decoction of Mulberry Leaf and Almond); 麻杏石甘汤 Mahuang Xingren Gancao Shigao Tang (Decoction of Ephedra, Almond, Licorice and Gypsum)

2 清热剂 Prescriptions for Clearing away Heat

2.1 清气分热剂 Prescriptions for Clearing away Heat from Qifen

白虎汤 Baihu Tang (White Tiger Decoction)

2.2 清营凉血剂 Prescriptions for Clearing away Heat from Yingfen and Blood

清营汤 Qingying Tang (Decoction for Eliminating Heat in Yingfen); 犀角地黄汤 Xijiao Dihuang Tang (Decoction of Rhinoceros Horn and Rehmannia)

2.3 清热解毒剂 Prescriptions for Clearing away Heat and Toxins

黄连解毒汤 Huanglian Jiedu Tang (Decoction of Coptis for Detoxification); 凉膈散 Liangge San (Powder for Clearing Away Heat from the Upper or Middle Energizer); 普济消毒饮 Puji Xiaodu Yin (Decoction for General Disinfection)

2.4 清脏腑热剂 Prescriptions for Removing Heat from Zang-fu Organs

导赤散 Daochi San (Powder for Promoting Diuresis); 龙胆泻肝汤 Longdan Xiegan Tang (Decoction of Gentian for Purging Liver Fire); 泻白散 Xiebai San (Powder for Purging Lung Heat); 泻黄汤 Xiehuang San (Powder for Purging Spleen Heat); 清胃散 Qingwei San (Powder for Clearing away Stomach Heat); 玉女煎 Yunu Jian (Jade Maiden Decoction); 芍药汤 Shaoyao Tang (Peony Decoction); 白头翁汤 Baitouweng Tang (Decoction of Pulsatillae)

2.5 清虚热剂 Prescriptions for Clearing away Heat of Deficiency Type

青蒿鳖甲汤 Qinghao Biejia Tang (Decoction of Woomwood Artemisia and So ft-shelled Turtle); 当归六黄汤 Danggui Liuhuang Tang (Decoction of Angelica and Six Ingredients with characters)

2.6 清暑热剂 Prescriptions for Clearing away summer-heat

清暑益气汤 Qingshu Yiqi Tang (Decoction for Eliminating Summer-heat and Bene fiting Qi)

3 温里剂 Prescriptions for Warming the Interior

3.1 温中祛寒剂 Prescriptions for Warming the Middle-energizer to Dispel Cold

理中丸 Lizhong Wan (Bolus for the Function of Middle Energizer); 吴茱萸汤 Wuzhuyu Tang (Decoction of Evodia); 小建中汤 Xiao Jianzhong Tang (Minor Decoction for Strengthening the Middle-energizer)

3.2 回阳救逆剂 Prescriptions for Recuperating Depleted Yang to Rescue the Patient from Collapse

四逆汤 Sini Tang (Decoction for Resuscitation)

3.3 温经散寒剂 Prescriptions for Warming the Meridians to Dispel Cold

当归四逆汤 Danggui Sini Tang (Decoction of Chinese Angelia for Restoring Yang)

4 泻下剂 Purgative Prescriptions

4.1 寒下剂 Purgative Prescriptions of Cold Nature

大承气汤 Da Chengqi Tang (Decoction of Potent Purgation)

4.2 温下剂 Purgative Prescriptions of Warm Nature

大黄附子汤 Dahuang Fuzi Tang (Decoction of Rhubarb and Aconite); 温脾汤 Wenpi Tang (Decoction for Warming Spleen)

4.3 润下剂 Prescriptions for Causing Laxation

济川煎 Jichuan Jian (Blood Replenishing Decoction); 麻子仁丸 Maziren Wan (Pill of Cannabic Seed)

4.4 逐下剂 Prescriptions for Eliminating Fluid Retention

十枣汤 Shizao Tang (Ten Jujube Decoction)

4.5 攻补兼施剂 Prescriptions for Purgation Associated with Reinforcement

黄龙汤 Huanglong Tang (Yellow Dragon Decoction); 增液承气汤 Zengye Chengqi Tang (Purgative Decoction for Increasing Fluid)

5 和解剂 Prescriptions for Mediation

5.1 和解少阳剂 Prescriptions for Treating Shaoyang Disease by Mediation

小柴胡汤 Xiao Chaihu Tang (Minor Decoction of Bupleurum); 蒿芩清胆汤 Haoqin Qingdan Tang (Decoction of Wormwood and Scutellaria for Clearing away Dampness-heat from the Gallbladder)

5.2 调和肝脾剂 Prescriptions for Regulating the Liver and Spleen

四逆散 Sini San (Powder for Treating Cold Limbs); 逍遥散 Xiaoyao San (Ease Powder); 痛泻要方 Tongxie Yaofang (Recipe for Diarrhea with Pain)

5.3 调和寒热剂 Prescriptions for Harmonizing Cold-heat Syndrome

半夏泻心汤 Banxia Xiexin Tang (Pinellia Decoction for Purging Stomach Fire)

5.4 表里双解剂 Prescriptions for Expelling both Exterior and Interior Pathogenic Factors

大柴胡汤 Da Chaihu Tang (Major Bupleurum Decoction); 葛根黄芩黄连汤 Gegen Huangqin Huanglian Tang (Decoction of Pueraria, Scutellariae and Coptis)

6 补益剂 Tonic Prescriptions

6.1 补气剂 Prescriptions for Invigorating Qi

四君子汤 sijunzi Tang (Decoction of Four Noble Ingredients);

参苓白朮散 Shenling Baizhu San (Powder of Ginseng, Poria and Bighead Atractylodes); 补中益气汤 Buzhong Yiqi Tang (Decoction for Reinforcing Qi in the Middle Energizer); 玉屏风散 Yupingfeng San (Jade-screen Powder); 生脉散 Shengmai San (Pulse-activating Powder)

6.2 补血剂 Prescriptions for Nourishing Blood

四物汤 Siwu Tang (Decoction of Four Ingredients); 当归补血汤 Danggui Buxue Tang (Chinese Angelica Decoction for Enriching Blood)

6.3 气血双补剂 Prescriptions for Nourishing both Qi and Blood

八珍汤 Bazhen Tang (Decoction of Eight Precious Ingredients); 归脾汤 Guipi Tang (Decoction for Strengthening the Heart and Spleen); 炙甘草汤 zhigancao Tang (Also Called fumai Tang)(Baked Licorice Decoction)

6.4 补阴剂 Prescriptions for Nourishing Yin

六味地黄丸 Liuwei Dihuang Wan (Pill of Six Ingredients with Rehmanniae); 左归丸 Zuogui Wan (Bolus for Tonifying Kidney-yin); 大补阴丸 Dabuyin Wan (huqian Pill); 一贯煎 Yiguan Jian (Decoction for Nourishing the Liver and Kidney); 百合固金丸 Baihe Gujin Tang (Lily decoction for Strengthening the Lung)

6.5 补阳剂 Prescriptions for Nourishing Yang

肾气丸 Shenqi Wan (Pill for Invigorating Kidney Qi); 右归丸 Yougui Wan (Pill for Reinforcing Kidney-yang)

7 固涩剂 Prescriptions with Astringent Effects

7.1 固表止汗剂 Prescriptions for Consolidating superficies to arrest Perspiration

牡蛎散 Muli San (Oyster Shell Powder)

7.2 涩肠固脱剂 Prescriptions for consolidating the Intestines to Stop Diarrhea

真人养脏汤 Zhenren Yangzang Tang (Zhenren Decoction for Nourishing the Zang Organs); 四神丸 Sishen Wan (Pill of Four Miraculous Drugs)

7.3 涩精止遗剂 Prescriptions for Restraining Emission or Enuresis

金锁固精丸 Jinsuo Gujing Wan (Golden Lock Pill for Preserving Kidney Essence); 桑螵蛸散 sangpiaoxiao San (Manthis Egg-case Powder); 缩泉丸 suoquan Wan (Pill for Reducing Urination)

7.4 固崩止带剂 Prescriptions for Relieving Metrorrhagia and Leukorrhagia

固冲汤 Guchong Tang (Decoction for Strengthening the Thorough fare Vessel); 完带汤 Wandai Tang (Decoction for Treating Leukorrhagia)

8 安神剂 Sedative Prescriptions

8.1 重镇安神剂 Prescriptions with Heavy sedatives

朱砂安神丸 Zhusha Anshen Wan (Cinnabar Sedative Pill); 磁朱丸 Cizhu Wan (Medicated Leaven Pill)

8.2 滋养安神剂 Sedative Prescriptions with Tonic Effects

酸枣仁汤 Suanzaoren Tang (Wild Jujube Seed Decoction); 天王补心丹 Tianwang Buxin Dan (Heavenly King Cardiotonic Pellet); 甘麦大枣汤

Ganmai Dazao Tang (Decoction of Licorice, Blighted Wheat and Chinese Dates)

9 开窍剂 Prescriptions for Resuscitation

9.1 凉开剂 Prescriptions for Inducing Resuscitation with Cold drugs

安宫牛黄丸 Angong Niuhuang Wan (Bolus of Bezoar for Resuscitation); 紫雪丹 Zixue Dan (Purple-snow Pellet); 至宝丹 Zhibao Dan (Bolus of Precious Drugs)

9.2 温开剂 Warm-natured Prescriptions for Inducing Resuscitation

苏合香丸 Suhexiang Wan (Storax Pill); 紫金锭 Zijin ding (Also Named 玉枢丹 Yushu Dan )(Knoxia and Moleplant Lozenage)

10 理气剂 Prescriptions for Regulating the Flow of Qi

10.1 行气剂 Prescriptions for Promoting the Flow of Qi

越鞠丸 Yueju Wan (Pill for Relieving Stagnation); 柴胡疏肝散 Chaihu Shugan San (Bupleurum Powder for Relieving Liver Qi); 半夏厚朴汤 Banxia Houpo Tang (Decoction of Pinellia and Magnolia Bark); 瓜蒌薤白白酒汤 Gualou Xiebai Baijiu Tang (Decoction of Trichosanthes and Macrostem with Liquor); 枳实消痞丸 Zhishi Xiaopi Wan (Pill of Immature Bitter Orange for Relieving Stuffiness); 厚朴温中汤 Houpo Wenzhong Tang (Magnolia Decoction for Warming the Middle-energizer); 天台乌药散 Tiantai Wuyao San (Tiantai Powder of Linderae)

10.2 降气剂 Prescriptions for Suppressing upward Adverse Flow Qi

苏子降气汤 Suzi Jiangqi Tang (Decoction of Perilla Seed for Descending Qi); 定喘汤 Dingchuan Tang (Asthma-relieving Decoction); 旋复代赭汤 Xuanfu Daizhe Tang (Decoction of Inula and Hematitum); 橘皮竹茹汤 Jupi Zhuru Tang (Decoction of Tangerine Peel and Bamboo Shavings)

11 理血剂 Prescriptions for Regulating Blood Circulation

11.1 活血袪瘀剂 Prescriptions for Promoting Blood Flow to Remove Stasis

桃核承气汤 Taohe Chengqi Tang (Decoction of Peach Nucleus for Activating Qi); 血府逐淤汤 Xuefu Zhuyu Tang (Decoction for Removing Blood Stasis in the Chest); 复元活血汤 Fuyuan Huoxue Tang (Decoction for Recovery and Activating Blood Circulation); 补阳还五汤 Buyang Huanwu Tang (Decoction for Invigorating Yang and Recuperation); 温经汤 Wenjing Tang (Decoction for Warming Meridians); 生化汤 Shenghua Tang (Decoction for Postpartum Troubles); 桂枝茯苓丸 Guizhi Fuling Wan (pill of Cinnamon Twig and Poria)

11.2 止血剂 Prescriptions for Arresting Bleeding

十灰散 Shihui San (Powder Made of Ashes of Ten Drugs); 咳血方 Kexue Fang (Prescription for Treating Hemoptysis); 小蓟饮子 Xiaoji Yinzi (Small Thistle Decoction); 黄土汤 Huangtu Tang (Decoction of Baked Yellow Earth)

12 治风剂 Prescriptions for Treating Wind Syndrome

12.1 疏散外风剂 Prescriptions for Dispelling Exogenous Wind

川芎茶调散 Chuanxiong Chatiao San (Powder of Ligusticum); 消风散 Xiaofeng San (powder for Dispersing Pathogenic Wind); 小活络丹 Xiao Huoluo Dan (Bolus for Activating Meridians)

12.2 平熄内风剂 Prescriptions for Calming Endogenous Wing

羚角钩藤汤 Lingjiao Gouteng Tang (Decoction of Antelop's Horn and Uncaria Stem); 镇肝熄风汤 Zhengan Xifeng Tang (Decoction for Tranquilizing Liver-Wing); 天麻钩藤饮 Tianma Gouteng Yin (Decoction of Gastrodia and Uncaria); 大定风珠 Da Dingfeng Zhu (Bolus for Serious Endogenous Wing Syndrome)

13 祛湿剂 Prescriptions for Eliminating Dampness

13.1 燥湿和胃剂 Prescriptions for Eliminating Dampness and Regulating the Stomach

平胃散 pingwei San (Powder for Regulating Stomach Function); 藿香正气散 Huoxiang Zhengqi San (Powder of Agastachis for Restoring Vital Qi)

13.2 清热祛湿剂 Prescriptions for Clearing away Heat and Dampness

茵陈蒿汤 Yinchenhao Tang (Oriental Wormwood Decoction); 三仁汤 Sanren Tang (Decoction of Three Kinds of Kernels); 甘露消毒丹 Ganlu Xiaodu Dan (Sweet Dew for Detoxification); 连朴饮 Lianpo Yin (Decoction of Coptis Rhizome and Bark of Officinalis Magnolia); 八正散 Bazheng San (Eight Health-restoring Powder); 六一散 Liuyi San (Liuyi Powder); 二妙散 Ermiao San (Powder of Two Wonder ful Drugs)

13.3 利水渗湿剂 Prescriptions for Promoting Diuresis and Eliminating Dampness

五苓散 Wuling San (Powder of Five Drugs Containing Poria); 猪苓汤 Zhuling Tang (Umbellate Pore Decoction); 防己黄芪汤 Fangji Huangqi Tang (Decoction of Tetrandra and Astragalus)

13.4 温化水湿剂 Prescriptions for Warming and Eliminating Water-dampness

苓桂术甘汤 Linggui Zhugan Tang (Decoction of Poria, Bighead Atractylodes, Cinnamom and Licorice); 真武汤Zhenwu Tang (Decoction for Strengthening Spleen-kidney-yang); 实脾散 shipi San (Powder for Rein forcing the Spleen); 萆薢分清饮 Bixie Fenqing Yin (Decoction of Collett yam for Clearing Turbid Urine)

13.5 祛风胜湿剂 Prescriptions for Expelling Wind and Eliminating Dampness

羌活胜湿汤 Qianghuo Shengshi Tang (Decoction of Notoperygium ofr Expelling Dampness); 独活寄生汤 Dubuo Jisheng Tang (Decoction of Pubescent Angelica and Loranthus)

14 祛痰剂 Prescriptions for Eliminating Phlegm

14.1 燥湿化痰剂 Prescriptions for Drying Dampness and Eliminating Phlegm

二陈汤 Erchen Tang (Erchen Decoction); 温胆汤 Wendan Tang (Decoction for Clearing away Gallbladder Heat)

14.2 清热化痰剂 Prescriptions for Clearing away Heat and Eliminating Phlegm

清气化痰丸 Qingqi Huatan wan (Pill for Clearing away Heat and Phlegm); 小陷胸汤 Xiao Xianxiong Tang (Minor decoction for Relieving Stuffiness in the Chest); 滚痰丸 Guntan Wan (Pill for Eliminating Stubborn Phlegm)

14.3 润燥化痰剂 Prescriptions for Moistening Dryness and Eliminating Phlegm

贝母瓜蒌散 Beimu Gualou San (Power of Fritillary Bulb and Snakegourd)

14.4 温化寒痰剂 Prescriptions for Warming and Eliminating Cold and Phlegm

苓甘五味姜辛汤 Linggan Wuwei Jiangxin Tang (Decoction of Poria, Licorice, Schisandra, Fried Ginger and Asarum); 三子养亲汤 Sanzi Yangqin Tang (Decoction of Three Kids of Seeds for the Aged)

14.5 化痰熄风剂 Prescriptions for Eliminating Phlegm and Subduing Wind

半夏白术天麻汤 Banxia Baizhu Tianma Tang (Decoction of Pinellia, Bighead Atractylodes and Gastrodia); 定痫丸 Dingxian Wan (Pill for Relieving Epilepsy)

15 消食剂 Peptic Prescriptions

15.1 消食化滞剂 Prescriptions for Promoting Digestion by Removing Stagnancy

保和丸 Baohe Wan (Lenitive Pill ); 枳实导滞丸 Zhishi Daozhi Wan (Pill of Immature Bitter Orange for Removing Stagnancy)

15.2 健脾消食剂 Prescriptions for Promoting Digestion by Activating the Spleen

枳朮丸 Zhizhu Wan (Pill of Immature Bitter Orange and Bighead Atractylodes); 健脾丸 Jianpi Wan (Pill of Invigorating the Spleen)

16 治痈剂 Prescriptions for Treating Carbuncles

16.1 治疗外痈剂 Prescriptions for External Carbuncles

仙方活命饮 Xianfang Huoming Yin (Fairy Decoction for Treating Cutaneous Infections); 透脓散 Tounong san (Powder for Promoting Pus Discharge); 阳和汤 Yanghe Tang (Yang-activiting Decoction)

16.2 治疗内痈剂 Prescriptions for Internal Carbuncles

苇茎汤 Weijing Tang (Reed Stem Decoction); 大黄牡丹皮汤 Dahuang Mudan Tang (Decoction of Rhubarb Root and Moutan Bark)

郑伟达: 八大经典名方的临床应用


Clinical Applications of Eight Essential Classical Formulae compiled by Zheng Wei-da collects 359 commonly used formulas and classifies them according to Gui Zhi Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction); Ma Huang Tang (Ephedra Decoction); Xiao Chai Hu Tang (Minor Bupleurum Decoction); Er Chen Tang (Two-Cured Decoction); Si Ni Tang (Frigid Extremities Decoction); Si Jun Zi Tang (Four-Gentleman Decoction); Si Wu Tang (Four-Substance Decoction); Liu Wei Di Huang Tang (Six-Ingredient Decoction with Rehmannia). This concise number of essential formulas are highly effective in clinic.

Eight Famous Formulas and Their Variations


Supplemented Gui Zhi Tang Formulae:

  1. 桂枝加葛根汤Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Pueraria)
  2. 桂枝加附子汤Gui Zhi Jia Fu Zi Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Aconite)
  3. 桂枝加桂汤Gui Zhi Jia Gui Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction with Extra Cinnamon)
  4. 桂枝加芍药汤Gui Zhi Jia Shao Yao Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Peony)
  5. 桂枝加大黄汤Gui Zhi Jia Da Huang Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Rhubarb)
  6. 桂枝加龙骨牡蛎汤Gui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell)
  7. 桂枝加黄芪汤Gui Zhi Jia Huang Qi Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Astragalus)
  8. 小建中汤Xiao Jian Zhong Tang (Minor Center-Fortifying Decoction)
  9. 黄芪建中汤Huang Qi Jiang Zhong Tang (Astragals Center-Fortifying Decoction)
  10. 瓜蒌桂枝汤Gua Lou Gui Zhi Tang (Trichosanthes and Cinnamon Twig Decoction)
  11. 桂枝加厚朴杏子汤Gui Zhi Jia Hou Po Xing Zi Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Magnolia Bark and Apricot Kernel)
  12. 桂枝新加汤Gui Zhi Xin Jia Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Ginseng)

Gui Zhi Tang with Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 桂枝去芍药汤Gui Zhi Qu Shao Yao Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction minus Peony)
  2. 芍药甘草汤Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang (Peony and Licorice Decoction)
  3. 桂枝甘草汤Gui Zhi Gan Cao Tang (Cinnamon Twig and Licorice Decoction)

Gui Zhi Tang with Additions and Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 桂枝去芍药加附子汤Gui Zhi Qu Shao Yao Jia Fu Zi Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction minus Peony plus Aconite)
  2. 桂枝去桂加茯苓白术汤Gui Zhi Qu Gui Jia Fu Ling Bai Zhu Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction minus Cinnamon Twig plus Poria and White Atractylodes)
  3. 桂枝人参汤Gui Zhi Ren Shen Tang (Cinnamon Twig and Ginseng Decoction)
  4. 茯苓桂枝甘草大枣汤Fu Ling Gui Zhi Gan Cao Da Zao Tang (Poria, Cinnamon Twig, Licorice and Jujube Decoction)
  5. 桂枝甘草龙骨牡蛎汤Gui Zhi Gan Cao Long Gu Mu Li Tang (Cinnamon Twig, Licorice, Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell Decoction)
  6. 桂枝去芍药加蜀漆牡蛎龙骨救逆汤Gui Zhi Qu Shao Yao Jia Shu Qi Mu Li Long Gu Jiu Ni Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction minus Peony plus Dichroa Leaf, Dragon Bone, Oyster Shell Counterflow Decoction)
  7. 桂枝附子去桂加白术汤Gui Zhi Fi Zi Qu Gui Jia Bai Zhu Tang (Cinnamon Twig and Aconite Decoction minus Cinnamon plus White Atractylodes)
  8. 桂枝附子汤Gui Zhi Fu Zi Tang (Cinnamon Twig and Aconite Decoction)
  9. 茯苓甘草汤Fu Ling Gan Cao Tang (Poria and Licorice Decoction)
  10. 炙甘草汤Zhi Gan Cao Tang (Honey-Fried Licorice Decoction)
  11. 桂枝芍药知母汤Gui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang (Cinnamon Twig, Peony and Anemarrhena Decoction)
  12. 黄芪桂枝五物汤Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wu Tang (Astragalus and Cinnamon Twig Five Agents Decoction)
  13. 桂枝茯苓丸Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan (Cinnamon Twig and Poria Pill)
  14. 桂枝去芍药加麻黄细辛附子汤Gui Zhi Qu Shao Yao Jia Ma Huang Xi Xin Fu Zi Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction minus Peony plus Ephedra, Asarum and Aconite)
  15. 桂苓五味甘草汤Gui Ling Wu Wei Gan Cao Tang


Supplemented Ma Huang Tang Formulae:

  1. 麻黄加术汤Ma Huang Jia Zhu Tang (Ephedra Decoction plus White Atracylodes)
  2. 续命汤Xu Ming Tang (Life-Prolonging Decoction)
  3. 大青龙汤Da Qing Long Tang (Major Bluegreen Dragon Decoction)
  4. 桂枝麻黄各半汤Gui Zhi Ma Huang Ge Ban Tang (Cinnamon Twig and Ephedra Half and Half Decoction)
  5. 桂枝二麻黄一汤Gui Zhi Er Ma Huang Yi Tang (Two-parts Cinnamon Twig Decoction and One-part Ephedra Decoction)

Ma Huang Tang with Subtractions Formulae: 三拗汤San Ao Tang (Three Unbinding Decoction)

Ma Huang Tang with Additions and Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 麻杏石甘汤Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang (Ephedra, Apricot, Gypsum and Licorice Decoction)
  2. 麻黄杏仁薏苡甘草汤Ma Huang Xing Ren Yi Yi Gan Cao Tang (Ephedra, Apricot, Coix and Licorice Decoction)
  3. 越婢汤Yue Bi Tang (Maidservant from Yue Decoction)
  4. 麻黄连翘赤小豆汤Ma Huang Lian Qiao Chi Xiao Dou Tang (Ephedra, Forsythia and Red Bean Decoction)
  5. 小青龙汤 Xiao Qing Long Tang (Minor Bluegreen Dragon Decoction)
  6. 华盖散Hua Gai San (Canopy Powder)

Supplemented Xiao Chai Hu Tang Formula:

  1. 柴胡加芒硝汤Chai Hu Jia Mang Xiao Tang (Bupleurum Decoction plus Mirabilite)
  2. 柴胡桂枝汤Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang (Bupleurum and Cinnamon Twig Decoction)
  3. 小柴胡加常山汤Xiao Chai Hu Jia Chang Shan Tang (Bupleurum Decoction plus Dichroa Root)

Xiao Chai Hu Tang with Additions and Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 大柴胡汤Da Chai Hu Tang (Major Bupleurum Decoction)
  2. 柴胡加龙骨牡蛎汤Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang (Bupleurum Decoction plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell)
  3. 半夏泻心汤Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang (Pinellia Heart-Draining Decoction)
  4. 柴胡陷胸汤汤Chai Hu Xian Xiong Tang (Bupleurum Chest Binding Decoction)
  5. 柴胡枳桔汤Chai Hu Zhi Ju Tang (Bupleurum Decoction plus Immature Orange and Playcodon)
  6.  柴胡达原饮Chai Hu Da Yuan Yin (Bupleurum Diaphragm Area Relieving Beverage)
  7. 柴胡清燥汤Chai Hu Qing Zao Tang (Bupleurm Dryness Relieving Decoction)
  8. 豁痰汤Huo Tan Tang (Phlegm Resolving Decoction)

Xiao Chai Hu Tang plus Other Formulae:

  1. 柴平汤Chai Ping Tang (Bupleurum Stomach Calming Decoction)
  2. 柴苓汤Chai Ling Tang (Bupleurum and Poria Decoction)
  3. 柴陈汤Chai Chen Tang (Bupleurum and Aged Tangerine Peel Decoction)

Additional Formulae: 八阵方Chen Xiu-yuan's New Formula - Ba Zhen Fang (Eight Tactical Arrays Formula)


Supplemented Er Chen Tang Formulae:

  1. 金水六君煎Jin Shui Liu Jun Jian (Melt Water Six Gentlemen Decoction)
  2. 半夏白术天麻汤Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang (Pinellia, White Atractylodes and Gastrodia Decoction)
  3. 温胆汤Wen Dan Tang (Gallbladder Warming Decoction)
  4. 导痰汤Dao Tan Tang (Phlegm Expelling Decoction)
  5. 顺气导痰汤Shun Qi Dao Tan Tang (Qi Smoothing and Phlegm Expelling Decoction)
  6. 十味温胆汤Shi Wei Wen Dan Tang (Ten-Ingredient Gallbladder Warming Decoction)
  7. 十一味温胆汤Shi Yi Wei Wen Dan Tang (Eleven-Ingredient Gallbladder Warming Decoction)
  8. 竹沥化痰丸Zhu Li Hua Tan Wan (Bamboo Sap Phlegm Transforming Pill)
  9. 涤痰汤Di Tan Tang (Phlegm Flushing Decoction)
  10. 香砂二陈汤Xiang Sha Er Chen Tang (Aucklandia and Amomum Two Matured Substances Decoction)
  11. 黄连二陈汤Huang Lian Er Chen Tang (Coptis Two Matured Substances Decoction)
  12. 温脾丹Wen Pi Dan (Spleen Warming Elixir)
  13. 定痫丸Ding Xian Wan (Convulsion Settling Pill)
  14. 和胃二陈煎He Wei Er Chen Jian (Stomach Harmonizing Two Matured Substances Decoction)
  15. 济生橘皮竹茹汤Ji Sheng Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang (Life Saving Tangerine Peel and Bamboo Shavings Decoction)
  16. 杏苏散Xing Su San (Apricot and Perillia Powder)
  17. 参苏饮Shen Su Yin (Ginseng and Perillia Beverage)
  18. 藿香正气散Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San (Agastache Qi Correcting Powder)
  19. 二陈平胃散Er Chen Ping Wei San (Two Matured Substances Stomach Calming Powder)
  20. 桂术二陈汤Gui Zhu Er Chen Tang (Two Matured Substances Decoction plus Cinnamon Twig and White Atracylodes)

Er Chen Tang with Additions and Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 清气化痰丸Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan (Qi Regulating and Phlegm Transforming Pill)
  2. 清金化痰汤Qing Jin Hua Tan Tang (Metal Clearing and Phlegm Transforming Decoction)
  3. 海藻玉壶汤Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang (Seaweed Jade Flask Decoction)
  4. 顺气消食化痰丸Shun Qi Xiao Shi Hua Tan Wan (Qi Smoothing, Digestion Promoting and Phlegm Eliminating Pill)
  5. 蠲饮六神汤Juan Yin Liu Shen Tang (Phlegm Dissolving Six Substances Decoction)
  6. 指迷茯苓丸Zhi Mi Fu Ling Wan (Way Guiding Poria Pill)
  7. 瓜蒌贝母散Gua Lou Bei Mu San (Trichosanthes Fruit and Fritillary Bulb Powder)
  8. 清瘴汤Qing Zhang Tang (Miasma Clearing Decoction)
  9. 苏子降气汤Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang (Perilla Fruit qi Downbearing Decoction)
  10. 理痰汤Li Tan Tang (Phlegm Regulating Decoction)
  11. 龙蚝理痰汤Long Hao Li Tan Tang (Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell Phlegm Regulating Decoction)


Supplemented Si Ni Tang Formulae:

  1. 四逆加人参汤Si Ni Jia Ren Shen Tang (Frigid Extremities Decoction plus Ginseng)
  2. 茯苓四逆汤Fu Ling Si Ni Tang (Poria Frigid Extremities Decoction)
  3. 浆水散Jiang Shui San (Rice Water Powder)
  4. 通脉四逆汤Tong Mai Si Ni Tang (Channel Unblocking for Frigid Extremities Decoction)
  5. 通脉四逆加猪胆汤Tong Mai Si Ni Jia Zhu Dan Tang (Channel Unblocking for Frigid Extremities Decoction plus Pig Bile)
  6. 附子理中汤Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang (Aconite Middle Regulating Decoction)
  7. 茵陈四逆汤Yin Chen Si Ni Tang (Virgate Wormwood Frigid Extremities Decoction)
  8. Yin Chen Zhu Fu Tang (Virgate Wormwood, White Atractylodes and Aconite Decoction)
  9. 急救回阳汤Ji Jiu Hui Yang Tang (Yang Reviving Decoction for Emergency)
  10. 正阳散Zheng Yang San (Yang Correcting Powder)

Si Ni Tang with Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 干姜附子汤Gan Jiang Fu Zi Tang (Dried Ginger and Aconite Decoction)
  2. 甘草干姜汤Gan Cao Gan Jiang Tang (Licorice and Dried Ginger Decoction)

Si Ni Tang with Additions and Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 真武汤Zhen Wu Tang (True Warrior Decoction)
  2. 附子汤Fu Zi Tang (Aconite Decoction)
  3. 甘草附子汤Gan Cao Fu Zi Tang (Licorice and Aconite Decoction)
  4. 白通汤Bai Tong Tang (Scallion Yang Freeing Decoction)
  5. 白通加猪胆汤Bai Tong Jia Zhu Dan Tang (Scallion Yang Freeing Decoction plus Pig Bile)
  6. 麻黄附子细辛汤Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xin Tang (Ephedra, Aconite and Asarum Decoction)
  7. 麻黄附子甘草汤Ma Huang Fu Zi Gan Cao Tang (Ephedra, Aconite and Licorice Decoction)
  8. 薏苡附子散Yi Yi Fu Zi San (Coix and Aconite Powder)
  9. 附子粳米汤Fu Zi Jing Mi Tang (Aconite and Rice Fruit Decoction)
  10. 大黄附子汤Da Huang Fu Zi Tang (Rhubarb and Aconite Decoction)
  11. 参附汤Shen Fu Tang (Ginseng and Aconite Decoction)
  12. 附姜归桂汤Fu Jiang Gui Gui Tang (Aconite, Dried Ginger, Angelica and Cassia Decoction)


Supplemented Si Jun Zi Tang Formulae:

  1. 异功散Yi Gong San (Extraordinary Merit Powder)
  2. 六君子汤Liu Jun Zi Tang (Six Gentlemen Decoction)
  3. 香砂六君子汤Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang (Six Gentlemen Decoction plus Common Aucklandia and Villous Amomum)
  4. 四兽饮Si Shou Yin (Four Beasts Decoction)
  5. 七味白术散Qi Wei Bai Zhu San (Seven Substances White Atractylodes Powder)
  6. 芪淮六君子汤Qi Huai Liu Jun Zi Tang (Astragalus and Common Yam Six Gentlemen Decoction)
  7. 参苓白术散Shen Ling Bai Zhu San (Ginseng, Poria and White Atractylodes Powder)
  8. 升阳益胃汤Sheng Yang Yi Wei Tang (Yang Invigorating and Stomach Tonifying Decoction)
  9. 补气运脾汤Bu Qi Yun Pi Tang (Qi Replenishing and Spleen Manipulating Decoction)
  10. 人参散Ren Shen San (Ginseng Powder)
  11. 归脾汤Gui Pi Tang (Spleen Restoring Decoction)
  12. 枳实消痞丸Zhi Shi Xiao Pi Wan (Immature Bitter Orange and Glomus Dispersing Pill)
  13. 健脾丸Jian Pi Wan (Spleen Fortifying Pill)
  14. 茯苓丸Fu Ling Wan (Poria Pill)
  15. 竹茹汤Zhu Ru Tang (Bamboo Shavings Decoction)
  16. 中满分消丸Zhong Man Fen Xiao Wan (Middle Fullness Dissolving Pill)
  17. 参灵胶囊Shen Ling Jiao Nang (Ginseng and Gyrophora Capsule)

Si Jun Zi Tang with Additions and Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 补中益气汤Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (Center Supplementing and Qi Boosting Decoction)
  2. 苓桂术甘汤Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang (Poria, Cinnamon Twig, White Atractylodes and Licorice Decoction)
  3. 里中丸Li Zhong Wan (Middle Regulating Pill)
  4. 清燥汤Qing Zao Tang (Dryness Clearing Decoction)
  5. 肾着汤Shen Zhuo Tang (Kidney Hitting Decoction)
  6. 外台茯苓饮Wai Tai Fu Ling Yin (Waitai Poria Beverage)
  7. 黄芪人参散Huang Qi Ren Shen San (Astragalus and Ginseng Powder)
  8. 御米汤Yu Mi Tang (Poppy Husk Decoction)


Supplemented Si Wu Tang Formulae:

  1. 圣愈汤Sheng Yu Tang (Sage Healing Decoction)
  2. 玉烛散Yu Zhu San (Jade Candle Powder)
  3. 胶艾汤Jiao Ai Tang (Donkey-Hide Gelatin and Mugwort Decoction)
  4. 艾附暖宫丸Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan (Mugwort and Cyperus Palace Warming Pill)
  5. 桃红四物汤Tao Hong Si Wu Tang (Peach Kernel and Carthamus Four Substances Decoction)
  6. 血府逐瘀汤Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang (Blood Stasis Expelling Decoction)
  7. 过期饮Guo Qi Yin (Overdue Beverage)
  8. 牡丹皮汤Mu Dan Pi Tang (Peony Bark Decoction)
  9. 四乌汤Si Wu Tang (Four Substances plus Silkie Decoction)
  10. 调经八物丸Tiao Jing Ba Wu Wan (Menstruation Regulating Eight Substances)
  11. 四物调经汤Si Wu Tiao Jing Tang (Four Substances Menstruation Regulating Decoction)
  12. 荆防四物汤Jing Fang Si Wu Tang (Schizonepeta and Ledebouriella Four Substances Decoction)
  13. 芩连四物汤Qin Liang Si Wu Tang (Scutellaria and Coptis Four Substances Decoction)
  14. 三炭四物汤San Tan Si Wu Tang (Three Carbon Four Substances Decoction)
  15. 举胎四物汤Ju Tai Si Wu Tang (Miscarriage Preventing Four Substances Decoction)
  16. 沈氏艾附暖宫丸Shen Shi Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan (Shen's Mugwort and Cyperus Palace Warming Pill)
  17. 益母胜金丹Yi Mu Sheng Jin Dan (Motherwort Melt Conquering Elixir)
  18. 毓麟汤Yu Lin Tang (Pregnancy Inducing Decoction)
  19. 白茯苓散Bai Fu Ling San (White Poria Powder)
  20. 三藤四物汤San Teng Si Wu Tang (Three Stems Four Substances Decoction)

Additional Formulae:

  1. 诜诜圆Shen Shen Yuan (Numerous Decoction)
  2. 双和汤Shuang He Tang (Human Tonifying Decoction)
  3. 安胎饮An Tai Yin (Miscarriage Preventing Beverage)
  4. 人参养血圆Ren Shen Yang Xue Yuan (Ginseng Blood Nourishing Decoction)
  5. 人参滋血汤Ren Shen Zi Xue Tang (Ginseng Nourishing Decoction)
  6. 当归川芎汤Dang Gui Chuan Xiong Tang (Angelica and Chuanxiong Decoction)
  7. 调气养血汤Tiao Qi Yang Xue Tang (Qi Regulating and Blood Nourishing Decoction)
  8. 养真汤Yang Zhen Tang (True Nourishing Decoction)
  9. 香术丸Xiang Zhu Wan (Nutgrass Galingale and Atractylodes Pill)
  10. 调经种玉汤Tiao Jing Zhong Yu Tang (Menstruation Regulating and Jade Growing Decoction)
  11. 调经养血丸Tiao Jing Yang Xue Wan (Menstruation Regulating and Blood Nourishing Pill)
  12. 经验调经汤Jing Yan Tiao Jing Tang (Empirical Menstruation Regulating Decoction)
  13. 通经导滞汤Tong Jing Dao Zhi Tang (Menstruation Regulating and Stagnation Removing Decoction)
  14. 九味香附丸Jiu Wei Xiang Fu Wan (Nine Substances Nutgrass Galingale Pill)
  15. 王海藏六合汤Wang Hai Cang Liu He Tang (Wang Hai-cang's Six Substances Decoction)
  16. 桂附四物汤Gui Fu Si Wu Tang (Cassia and Aconite Four Substances Decoction)
  17. 参附四物汤Shen Fu Si Wu Tang (Ginseng and Aconite Four Substances Decoction)
  18. 艾煎圆Ai Jian Yuan (Mugwort Decoction)
  19. 八物汤Ba Wu Tang (Eight Substances Decoction)
  20. 先期汤Xian Qi Tang (Preceded Decoction)
  21. 钩瓜四物汤Gou Gua Si Wu Tang (Gambir and Chaenomeles Decoction)
  22. 羊肉汤Yang Rou Tang (Mutton Decoction)
  23. 当归饮Dang Gui Yin (Chinese Angelica Beverage)
  24. 补肝散Bu Gan San (Liver Nourishing Powder)
  25. 补肝汤Bu Gan Tang (Liver Nourishing Decoction)
  26. 神应养真丹Shen Ying Yang Zhen Dan (God Promising True Nourishing Elixir)
  27. 芎归鳖甲饮Xiong Gui Bie Jia Yin (Chuanxiong, Angelica and Turtle Shell Beverage)
  28. 四二五合方Si Er Wu He Fang (Four Substances, Two Immortals and Five Seeds Formula)
  29. 四物桔梗汤Si Wu Jie Geng Tang (Four Substances Decoction plus Platycodon Root)
  30. 加味四物汤Jia Wei Si Wu Tang (Supplemented Four Substances Decoction)
  31. 六物汤Liu Wu Tang (Six Substances Decoction)
  32. 地骨皮饮Di Gu Pi Yin (Chinese Wolfberry Beverage)
  33. 地黄汤Di Huang Tang (Rehmannia Decoction)
  34. 艽麻四物汤Jiao Ma Si Wu Tang (Gentian and Ephedra Four Substances Decoction)
  35. 四物绛复汤Si Wu Jiang Fu Tang (Four Substances Decoction plus Rosewood and Inula Flower)
  36. 愈带丸Yu Dai Wan (Leucorrhea Reducing Pill)
  37. 清热调血汤Qing Re Tiao Xue Tang (Heat Clearing and Blood Regulating Decoction)
  38. 解毒四物汤Jie Du Si Wu Tang (Detoxifying Four Substances Decoction)
  39. 五子四物汤Wu Zi Si Wu Tang (Five Seeds and Four Substances Decoction)

Si Wu Tang With Additions and Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 调冲促孕汤Tiao Chong Cu Yun Tang (Penetrating Vessel Regulating and Pregnancy Inducing Decoction)
  2. 当归芍药散Dang Gui Shao Yao San (Angelica and peony Powder)
  3. 生化汤Sheng Hua Tang (Engendering and Transforming Decoction)
  4. 黑神散Hei Shen San (Black Spirits Powder)
  5. 少腹逐瘀汤Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang (Lower Abdominal Stasis Expelling Decoction)
  6. 当归四逆汤Dang Gui Si Ni Tang (Chinese Angelica Frigid Extremities Decoction)
  7. 保产无忧散Bao Chan Wu You San (Safe Pregnancy without Worry Powder)
  8. 当归散Dang Gui San (Chinese Angelica Powder)
  9. 温经汤Wen Jing Tang ( Channel Warming Decoction)
  10. 紫苏饮Zi Su Yin (Perilla Beverage)
  11. 膈下逐瘀汤Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang (Expe;;ing Stasis below the Diaphragm Decoction)

Additional Formulae:

  1. 油煎散You Jian San (Frying Powder)
  2. 调中汤Tiao Zhong Tang (Middle Regulating Decoction)
  3. 人参当归散Ren Shen Dang Gui San (Ginseng and Chinese Angelica Powder)
  4. 增损四物汤Zeng Sun Si Wu Tang (Deficiency Tonifying Four Substances Decoction)
  5. 顺经两安汤Shun Jing Liang An Tang (Channel Obeying Two Calming Decoction)
  6. 滋荣活络汤Zi Rong Huo Luo Tang (Blood Nourishing and Collaterals Activating Decoction)
  7. 清肝止淋汤Qing Gan Zhi Lin Tang (Liver Clearing and Stranguria Relieving Decoction)
  8. 顺经汤Shun Jing Tang (Menstruation Regulating Decoction)
  9. 定络汤Ding Luo Tang (Collaterals Settling Decoction)
  10. 玉露散Yu Lu San (Jade Dew Powder)
  11. 补肝散Bu Gan San (Liver Tonifying Powder)
  12. 劫劳汤Jie Lao Tang (Tuberculosis Relieving Decoction)
  13. 胎元饮Tai Yuan Yin (Fetus Consolidating Beverage)
  14. 清肝汤Qing Gan Tang (Liver Clearing Decoction)
  15. 柴胡清肝散Chai Hu Qing Gan San (Bupleurum Liver Clearing Powder)
  16. 姜黄散Jiang Huang San (Turmeric Root Tuber Powder)
  17. 去血和血散Qu Shi He Xue San (Dampness Removing and Blood Harmonizing Powder)
  18. 补肾壮骨丸Bu Shen Zhuang Gu Wan (Kidney Tonifying and Bone Strengthening Pill)
  19. 补阴丸Bu Yin Wan (Yin Tonifying Pill)
  20. 鹿茸大补丸Lu Rong Da Bu Wan (Deer Velvet Greatly Tonifying Pill)
  21. 滋阴降火汤Zi Yin Jiang Huo Tang (Yin Nourishing and Fire Descending Decoction)
  22. 补气黄芪汤Bu Qi Huang Qi Tang (Qi Replenishing Astragalus Decoction)
  23. 桂心汤Gui Xin Tang (Cassia Center Decoction)
  24. 滋水清肝饮Zi Shui Qing Gan Yin (Water Nourishing and Liver Clearing Beverage)
  25. 润肝汤Run Gan Tang (Liver Moistening Decoction)
  26. 消瘀饮Xiao Yu Yin (Stasis Removing Beverage)
  27. 活血汤Huo Xue Tang (Blood Invigorating Decoction)
  28. 牛膝散Niu Xi San (Two-toothed Achyranthes Root Powder)
  29. 当归六黄汤Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang (Chinese Angelica and Six Yellow Substances Decoction)
  30. 人参胃风汤Ren Shen Wei Feng Tang (Ginseng Stomach Wind Removing Decoction)
  31. 牡蛎散Mu Li San (Oyster Shell Powder)
  32. 千金调金散Qian Jin Tiao Jing San (A Thousand Gold Channel Regulating Powder)
  33. 滋荣收带丸Zi Rong Shou Dai Wan (Blood Nourishing and Leucorrhea Reducing Pill)
  34. 佛手散Fo Shou San (God's Hand Powder)
  35. 催生饮Cui Sheng Yin (Delivery Inducing Beverage)
  36. 芎归补血汤Xiong Gui Bu Xue Tang (Chuanxiong and Chinese Angelica Blood Enriching Decoction)

Si Wu Tang plus Other Formulae:

  1. 八珍丸Ba Zhen Tang (Eight Gem Decoction)
  2. 十全大补丸Shi Quan Da Bu Tang (Perfect Major Supplementation Decoction)
  3. 泰山磐石散Tai Shan Pan Shi San (Tai Mountain and Huge Rock Powder)

Additional Formulae:

  1. 八珍益母丸Ba Zhen Yi Mu Wan (Eight Gem Pill plus Motherwort Herb Pill)
  2. 人参养荣丸Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang (Ginseng Blood Nourishing Decoction)
  3. 大补经汤Da Bu Jing Tang (Major Blood Enriching Decoction)
  4. 滋阴百补丸Zi Yin Bai Bu Wan (Yin Nourishing and All Tonifying Pill)
  5. 加减八物汤Jia Jian Ba Wu Tang (Modified Eight Substances Decoction)
  6. 香贝养荣汤Xiang Bei Yang Rong Tang (Nutgrass Galingale and Fritillaria Blood Nourishing Decoction)
  7. 大圣散Da Sheng San (Major Sages Powder)


Supplemented Liu Wei Di Huang Tang Formulae:

  1. 知柏地黄丸Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan (Anemarrhena, Phellodendron and Rehmannia Pill)
  2. 杞菊地黄丸Qi Ju Di Huang Wan (Chinese Wolfberry, Chrysanthemum and Rehmannia Pill)
  3. 八仙长寿丸Ba Xian Chang Shou Wan (Eight Immortals Longevity Pill)
  4. 都气丸Du Qi Wan (Qi Restraining Pill)
  5. 生脉地黄汤Sheng Mai Di Huang Tang (Pulse Engendering Rehmannia Decoction)
  6. 肾气丸Shen Qi Wan (Kidney Qi Pill)
  7. 济生肾气丸Ji Sheng Shen Qi Wan (Living Aid Kidney Qi Pill)
  8. 十补丸Shi Bu Wan (Ten Supplements)
  9. 耳聋左慈丸Er Long Zuo Ci Wan (Deafness Healing Yin Nourishing Pill)
  10. 十味地黄丸Shi Wei Di Huang Wan (Ten-Ingredient Rehmannia Pill)
  11. 归芍地黄丸Gui Shao Di Huang Wan (Chinese Angelica, White Peony and Rehmannia Pill)
  12. 滋水清肝饮Zi Shui Qing Gan Yin (Water Nourishing and Liver Clearing Beverage)
  13. 七味地黄丸Qi Wei Di Huang Tang (Seven-Ingredient Rehmannia Decoction)
  14. 明目地黄丸Ming Mu Di Huang Wan (Eyesight Brightening Rehmannia Pill)
  15. 苏蝉六味地黄汤Su Chan Liu Wei Di Huang Tang (Perilla and Cicada Moulting Six-Ingredient Rehmannia Decoction)
  16. 辛芷六味地黄汤Xin Zhi Liu Wei Di Huang Tang (Manchurian Wild Ginger and Angelica Six-Ingredient Rehmannia Decoction)

Liu Wei Di Huang Tang with Additions and Subtractions Formulae:

  1. 无比山药丸Wu Bi Shan Yao Wan (Matchless Common Yam Rhizome Pill)
  2. 左归饮Zuo Gui Yin (Left Restoring Beverage)
  3. 右归饮You Gui Yin (Right Restoring Beverage)
  4. 大补元煎Da Bu Yuan Jian (Major Original Qi Tonifying Decoction)
  5. 还少丹Huan Shao Dan (Youth Restoring Elixir)
  6. 固阴煎Gu Yin Jian (Yin Consolidating Decoction)
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