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  • Colds, Cold Season and More

    Chinese medicine for the common cold varies based on the type of cold: Wind-cold, Wind-heat, cold and heat lingering, Summer-heat-dampness, and Endogenous cold due to debility. The treatment principles for each of these patterns is to expel the Wind and cold pathogen and eliminate the other pathogens such as accumulated heat and dampness that accompany it, and strengthen the patient's defensive Qi if the patient is weak, debilitated, constantly catching a cold. Read more
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  • Cough Remedies by Indiction of Syndromes

    The development of a cough can have external or internal origins. The former mainly includes syndromes such as wind-cold attacking the lung, wind-heat attacking the lung, warm-dryness impairing the lung and cool-dryness impairing the lung. The latter principally includes syndromes as retention of phlegm-dampness in the lung, accumulation of phlegm-heat in the lung, consumption of lung yin and deficiency of lung qi due to liver excessive fire and spleen dysfunction. Read more
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