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gui zhi fu ling tang (Cassia Bark Decoction)
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gui zhi fu ling tang (Cassia Bark Decoction)

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Manufacturer Product of China
Brand Modernized Ancient Recipe
Type capsule
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This is a patent herbal remedy based on the classical recipe Gui Zhi Fu Ling Tang (Cinnamon Twig and Poria Decoction) in TCM originally appeared in Synopsis of the Golden Chamber (Jin Gui Yao Lue), which is primarily used to promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, and mildly eliminate masses, for accumulation of blood stasis in the uterus, threatened abortion during pregnancy, metrostaxis without stopping. It is applicable to endometritis, adnexitis, hysteromyoma, ovarian cyst, dysmenorrhea, infertility, postpartum bleeding, retention of lochia, irregular menstruation.

English walnut
Poria (sclerotium)
Chinese peony root
Cassia bark
Tree peony root bark

Actions: Invigorates the blood and transforms blood stagnation, regulates the menses and reduces lower abdominal lumps and masses that are fixed in nature.

1. Blood stagnation in the Uterus: Fixed lumps or masses in the lower abdomen with pain and tenderness, especially with pressure Dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, uterine fibroids, and postpartum retention of the lochia.
2. Blood stagnation in the uterus during pregnancy: Persistent but mild uterine bleeding during pregnancy with purple or dark blood. Abdominal pain and spasms, abdominal tension and tenderness, and restless fetus syndrome.*

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules each time, two times daily.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:gui zhi fu ling tang





Product label: Cassia Bark Decoction
Chinese common name: Gui Zhi Fu Ling Tang
Packing: 60 capsules per box, each capsule contains 600mg
Product of China.


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